Friday 30 November 2018

I'm an Introvert Person

Really... i'm an introvert person..

Since 2 years ago, i just realized it, when my lecturer explained about the type of human personality. There are three types of human personality, that is Introvert, Extrovert and Ambievert.
 1. Introvert
 2. Extrovert
 3. Ambievert

I think it was very important because it can guide me to face each other people.

I don't know why 1 so enjoy when i was alone.
At the quiet, i can smile and think everything that i want
oh, i also like go to somewhere alone..
hmm... i just enjoyed it
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Wednesday 21 November 2018

it's me

Hello everyone...
Welcome to my blog 😊
First, i want to say thanks to everyone who has been opened my blog, especially to everyone who has read it. 
Then, I'm very proud because this is "my new hobby". I say this is "my new hobby" because i want to know more and learn anything about blogging and all happines in here.. so, i hope all of my reader can love it...
Finally, i'm so happy if you can contact me on gmail as, or follow my account on instagram at @unsalaila24 or my facebook as Unsa Laila.
Thank you 
-Unsa Laila-

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